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Important: If you are planning an event in a City of Appleton park, it may be a considered a 'special event' according to City Guidelines based on some of the following criteria. Based on your event, you may owe additional fees, need to complete the Certificate of Insurance Form below and contact Customer Service at (920) 832-5905 or email APRD@appleton.org.

Special Event Criteria:
  • Public event
  • Live Band or music
  • Concessions of any kind or selling beer
  • Tents larger than 10x20 square ft
  • Mechanical rides or inflatibles
  • Any actvity determined exceeding normal & ordinary use of the park

Certificate of Insurance Form

Other group events can proceed to browse, reserve and confirm any available pavilions for everyday uses.
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    Scheig Center @ Scheig Center

    The Scheig Center cannot be reserved online, but you can check availability by going to our home page and clicking on the "Scheig Center details here" link. Please note that only one reservation is allowed per day on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays only: from the first Saturday in September through the third Saturday in October, the Scheig Center is only available from 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Please call 920-832-5905 to check Saturday availability for September and October. Scheig Center building does not include the Appleton Memorial Park Gardens. The Gardens can be reserved along with the Center for an additional $15.00 per hour.

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    8:00A - 8:00PScheig Center @ Scheig CenterScheig Center75Item DetailsView Map

    Alicia Pavilion @ Alicia Park

    Alicia Park is a neighborhood park located at 1301 W. Cedar Street on the southwest side of town. Alicia Park is a very beautiful and peaceful place to relax and have fun. In this 12 acre park there is: Playground Equipment (ADA Accessible), Picnic Pavilion (seating capacity-48), Off Street Parking, Restrooms/Drinking Water, Open Picnic Areas, Grill and Walking Trails.

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    7:00A - 11:00PAlicia Pavilion @ Alicia ParkAlicia Park120Item DetailsView Map

    AMP Pavilion @ Appleton Memorial Park

    Appleton Memorial Park is a community park located on the north side of Appleton between Ballard Road and Meade Street, east of Highway 41. The park covers 139 acres and has something for most recreational activities. The following facilities can be found at the park: 7 Baseball/Softball Fields, Playground Equipment (ADA), Open Ice Skating Rink, Sledding Hill, Picnic Pavilion (seating capacity-48), group capacity 120), Restrooms/Drinking Water, Urban Fishing Pond (see website for details, no swimming), Grill, Off Street Parking, and Archery Range .

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    7:00A - 11:00PAMP Pavilion @ Appleton Memorial ParkAppleton Memorial Park250Item DetailsView Map

    Colony Oaks Pavilion @ Colony Oaks Park

    Colony Oaks Park is a neighborhood park located at 801 N. Briarcliff Drive on the east side of town. Colony Oaks has all kinds of recreational opportunities. On the 7.9 acre park you can find the following facilities: Backstop for Baseball Casual Play, Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, On Street Parking, Playground Equipment (ADA Accessible), Picnic Pavilion (seating capacity - 48), Restrooms, Drinking Water, Grills, and Volleyball Court added.

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    7:00A - 11:00PColony Oaks Pavilion @ Colony Oaks ParkColony Oaks Park120Item DetailsView Map

    City Park Pavilion @ City Park

    City Park is a neighborhood park located at 500 E. Franklin Street near downtown Appleton. The "Ring Dance" water fountain located at City Park is one of the most distinguished landmarks of the city. City Park is also the oldest Appleton park. On this 8 acre park you will find the following facilities: 2 Tennis Courts, Playground Equipment (ADA Accessible), Lighted Walkways through the Park, On Street Parking, Picnic Pavilion (seating capacity-24), Restrooms, Drinking Water and Grills.

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    7:00A - 11:00PCity Park Pavilion @ City ParkCity Park120Item DetailsView Map

    Derks Pavilion @ Derks Park

    Derks Park is a 9.1-acre neighborhood park located on the southeast side of Appleton bounded by Kensington Drive on the east, Rail Road on the west, and Guyette Drive on the south. The playground equipment is ADA accessible with a concrete sidewalk connection to the intersection of Derks Drive and Guyette Drive. Pavilion (48 seating capacity), Playground (ADA accessible), Grill, On Street Parking and Drinking Fountain.

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    7:00A - 11:00PDerks Pavilion @ Derks ParkDerks Park120Item DetailsView Map

    Erb Pavilion @ Erb Park

    Erb Park is a community park located at 1800 N. Morrison Street on the north side of town. This park has something for almost every recreational interest. On the 27.8 acre park there are: Open Play Areas, Basketball Court, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Diving Boards, Wading Pool, Concession Stand, Volleyball Courts, Ice Skating Rink, Winter Recreation Facility, Sledding Hill, Playground Equipment (ADA Accessible), Picnic Pavilion (seating capacity-85), 2 Lighted Tennis Courts, 2 Unlighted Tennis Courts, Restrooms, Drinking Water, Off Street Parking and Grills.

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    7:00A - 11:00PErb Pavilion @ Erb ParkErb Park200Item DetailsView Map

    Green Meadows Pavilion @ Green Meadows Park

    Green Meadows Park is a neighborhood park located at 65 Pheasant Court on the south side of town. Green Meadows Park has opportunities for many recreational interests. On the 5.6 acre park you can find the following facilities: Baseball/Softball Field 2 Tennis Courts Playground Equipment (ADA Accessible) Grill On Street Parking Back Stop for Baseball Picnic Pavilion Restrooms Drinking Water

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    7:00A - 11:00PGreen Meadows Pavilion @ Green Meadows ParkGreen Meadows Park120Item DetailsView Map

    Highview Pavilion @ Highview Park

    Highview Park is a neighborhood park located at 100 W. Wayfarer Lane on the north side of town. Highview Trail is north of the park. On this 12.6 acre park you can find the following: Playground Equipment Picnic Pavilion (capacity-48) Drinking Fountain Restrooms On Street Parking

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    7:00A - 11:00PHighview Pavilion @ Highview ParkHighview Park120Item DetailsView Map

    Hoover Pavilion @ Hoover Park

    Hoover Park is a neighborhood park located at 600 E. Roeland Avenue on the south side of town. Hoover Park has recreational opportunities for almost everyone. On this 11.6 acre park you can find the following facilities: 2 Baseball/Softball Fields Playground Equipment (ADA Accessible) On Street Parking Picnic Pavilion (capacity-48) Restrooms Drinking Water Grill

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    7:00A - 11:00PHoover Pavilion @ Hoover ParkHoover Park120Item DetailsView Map