Details for Living Your Healthiest Year Ever
416314-H4 (Fitness & Wellness)

Date Time Day Location
01/16/2020 5:30P to 6:00P Thu
1313 E Witzke Blvd
Appleton WI, 54911
Gender: Co-ed
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We are partnering with Alo Health to bring you a series of FREE health and wellness presentations. For planning purposes please register, space is limited to first 75 participants.

Causes and Cures of Food Sensitivities - You can either identify WHAT foods you’re sensitive to and then avoid them or find out WHY you react and fix the problem. We’ll discuss the Alo Health approach to dealing with food sensitivities and why it’s so much easier to treat it than you think!

The Brain-Gut Connection - The brain and the gut are intimately connected by their very own nervous system. That’s why emotional symptoms (like anxiety and depression) are often accompanied by digestive symptoms (like constipation or diarrhea) and vice versa. We’ll practically discuss how to improve the health of both systems at the same time, since positively affecting one will affect the other.

The Whole Health Package - STRESS! It makes us sick and tired and causes disease. How can we tackle stress once and for all, so we feel vibrant and energized instead of exhausted and cranky? We’ll take you through the whole stress package-nutritional, physical and emotional-so you can live your best life!

Living Your Healthies Year Ever - It’s time to evaluate the past year and set goals to make THIS year the healthiest ever! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some work. Leave with nutrition, exercise and stress management goals plus the plans and motivation to put all of your new resources into practice! 2020 is going to be transformational!
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Ages: 14 years and Up